Thursday 10th May- Ascension Thursday


Celebration of the Ascension of the Lord

On the Day of the Ascension, the moment Jesus returned to heaven he spoke to his disciples and friends, he gave them both a Mission and invitation: The Mission was to “Go out to the whole world; proclaim the Good News to all creation.”

Gospel of Mark 16:15

Pope Francis continually invites us to share in this really important mission, he simply wants everybody to be a ‘Missionary Disciple.’

Here within the College Community of John Henry Newman Catholic College we share the Mission of the Church and the important invitation of Pope Francis.

Invocation’ Prayer


Like the Disciples on the day of the Ascension we await the promised Gift of the Holy Spirit. Between the Feast of the Ascension and the Pentecost, (the outpouring of the Holy Spirit) the Church begins a Novena (nine days) of prayer inviting us to wait and pray, may we do so with Pope John XXIII’s (23!)

‘Invocation’ Prayer:

“Renew Your wonders in this our day, as by a new Pentecost. Grant to Your Church that, being of one mind and steadfast in prayer with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and following the lead of blessed Peter, it may advance the reign of our Divine Saviour, the reign of truth and justice, the reign of love and peace.



This prayer has so much beauty and power, both when it was first written and prayed, also for the Church today as it is prayed by so many in preparation for Pentecost Sunday!