Muslims and Christians think of God – Allah in different ways.

Muslims think of Allah as Creator, Sovereign Ruler, the One and Only, the Holy One so great and far above us that He does not relate to His people on a personal level.

He commands obedience and complete submission to His will. He loves and forgives only those who believe in Him through the Qur’an.


Christians think of God primarily as Creator and loving Father, holy and righteous great and far above us – but also loving each one of us personally. He longs for us to love and trust Him and obey his Commandments. He loves all whom He created and forgives all who are genuinely sorry for their sins.


Dear God,
Thank you for the prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him,
and all that he taught about peace and looking after each other.
We thank you for all the good things
that Muslim believers have done through the centuries
as they have tried to put the prophet’s words into action.
Help us to do what we can for others,
living in peace with each other.