Welcome to RE

We are one of the core subjects here at John Henry Newman Catholic College. We work closely with the chaplaincy team to ensure that the Catholic ethos of the school is abiding by one of John Bosco’s fundamental principles; to ensure ‘every child is not only loved, but knows that they are loved’. The fundamental mission of the RE department at John Henry Newman Catholic College is to guide our students along their spiritual journey through outstanding education, enabling students to discover what their link in God’s chain is.

The RE department has an exceptionally strong team approach to everything, where the work ethic is very much tailored towards supporting each other, sharing resources and developing and implementing new ideas and initiatives together. Relationships within the department are excellent and characterised by a love of the subject and an exploration of faith. The department works hard together and shares all responsibility with a good sense of humour and shared goals.

Outstanding Facilities and Resources

The Religious Education department is situated on the ground floor wing of the College which includes an open access area consisting of 6 bespoke classrooms and also a staff workroom for collaborative planning. Every classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and staff share resources and ideas on how to make the most effective use of the technology. We also have a purpose built chapel which is open throughout the school day for pupils and staff to pray and reflect spending a few moments in the Lord’s presence. We also use the Chapel for class masses every Monday, liturgy lessons, Prayer for you on a Friday, and to planned lesson liturgies and special times throughout the year.

The Future

The RE department at John Henry Newman Catholic College seeks to share with others the vision which lies at the heart of Catholic education; bringing all to Christ and Christ to all. Giving students the opportunities to explore and discover themselves and allow for them to speak ‘Heart to Heart’ with God, strengthening and deepening the faith of the young people that we teach. With energy, imagination and faith, we work hard to make a difference, to enable pupils to recognise that they are a link in God’s chain.