Our School Mission


The community of John Henry Newman Catholic College, believing that ‘Heart Speaks to Heart’, trusts firmly in God’s unconditional love for us and constant presence in our lives.  We believe that we each have a ‘Definite Purpose’ and unique vocation, which we are called to discover and live out.  This enables us to live in hope.  With God’s help we seek to follow Jesus more closely through developing virtues of grace.

In the name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


School Motto:


HEART speaks to HEART

Heart speaks to Heart can be unpacked in many different ways but, at its simplest level, it’s a phrase that invites us to make time to be with God in prayer. A conversation to allow us to communicate with him. We do this by also using our Heart Values.

John Henry Newman chose “Heart speaks unto Heart” as the motto to go on his coat of arms when he became a Cardinal in 1879. Inspired by these words spoken by St. Francis de Sales, Newman calls us to hear God speaking to our hearts and to listen for our mission from God. At JHNCC we have embraced and adopted virtues that help us to fulfil our mission and guide us on the right path.

These virtues and personal enablers have become the basis of everything we do in the college in and out of the classroom, in the way we interact with one another and in the way we plan for our futures.