British Values

EqualityStreetRiverside Performing Arts visited John Henry Newman Catholic College on the 29th February and delivered a performance to Years 7, 8 and 9 entitled ‘Equality Street.’ The performance collection was short drama’s that addressed a multitude of issues that affect our daily lives and celebrated the importance of treating each other equally and with respect. The plays also looked at the hurt and damage that is experienced through prejudice and discrimination. The performances were a most enjoyable and thought provoking experience. This is what some of our Year 8 students said about the event.

“It taught me the importance of not judging people.”

“Everyone is afraid of something but don’t worry because someone is always there for you.”

“I enjoyed it and found it helpful because if taught us how we should treat each other equally.”

“I thought it was funny because it was aimed at our age group and one important thing I learned is that we shouldn’t judge people because of the way they look.”