As a department we strive for students to achieve their full potential by developing passionate and enthusiastic learners who have the potential to become our business leaders of the future.

Year 9

Our KS3 curriculum helps pupils to identify the characteristics and qualities of successful business leaders and gives them an understanding of how to be successful in business.

Pupils have the opportunity to find out about different areas of business such as the roles of Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Operations departments as well as the competitive environment in which businesses operate.

Business Studies prepares students for the world of work, equipping them with the knowledge and skills required for adult life which include budgeting, bank accounts and how interest rates are calculated.. Business Studies enhances employability and increases confidence in individuals.

We are giving year 9 pupils a chance to gain an insight into Business where they can explore their own Business ideas and look at turning them into a reality! This will help to prepare our pupils for when they get the opportunity to choose Business.

Year 10 and 11

Tech Award in Enterprise

Business Studies encourages pupils to be inspired, moved and challenged. This course enables pupils to:

  • Develop key skills that prove aptitude in planning an enterprise activity, including market research, planning, carrying out financial transactions, communication and problem solving
  • Gain knowledge that underpins effective use of skills, such as the features and characteristics of enterprises and entrepreneurs, and the internal and external factors that can affect the performance of an enterprise
  • Improve attitudes and ways of working that are considered most important for enterprise, including monitoring and reflecting on performance of an enterprise idea and own use of skills.

Pupils will complete the following units over the 2 year course:

  • Component 1– Exploring Enterprises - this is an internally assessed component. This unit examines different local enterprises to develop knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of enterprises and the skills needed by entrepreneurs.
  • Component 2 – Planning for and pitching an Enterprise Activity – this is an internally assessment component. This unit allows pupils to select an idea for a micro-enterprise to plan and pitch. Pupils will individually pitch their business plan for their idea to an audience and then use the feedback to review their pitch and plan.
  • Component – Promotion and Finance for Enterprise – this is an external synoptic 2 hour examination. This unit explores the different promotional methods used by enterprises and the factors that influence how enterprises identify and target their market. Pupils will explore financial documents and how to use them to monitor and improve the performance of an enterprise in order to make decisions and recommend strategies for success.

Business Studies prepares pupils to make an informed decision about further learning opportunities and career choices.