For the last two years staff and students at JHNCC have worked closely with 5 local primary schools and arts connect in a Primary Partnership Investment programme match funded by the Arts Council. We have creating a group called ‘The Living Art’s Network’ and have enabled over a thousand students to gain skills and exposure to singing, photography, poetry, spoken word, drama, visual art and many more art forms. It also helped us gain the cross in the foyer. This year we are planning to have our biggest project so far- more details will

However, we as a network have applied for Artsmark and I am delighted to announce that John Henry Newman Catholic College have been awarded the highest prestigious award of  Platinum. This is a fantastic achievement for us as a school and is a reward for all of the hard work that goes into the arts. please see below the feedback from the Artsmark Panel:

Your Statement of Commitment and Case Study have been reviewed by our assessment panel and we are delighted to inform you that John Henry Newman Catholic College has been awarded an Artsmark Platinum Award. Congratulations!


The panel has made the following comment about your submissions:

 The panel highly commend your commitment to not only developing the arts in your own school, but leading and supporting the arts in other schools through your leadership of the Living Arts Network. It is very encouraging to read you worked with 500 students beyond your own school and adults in a Poetry Slam resulting with 93% of students saying they felt more confident with their literacy skills consequently. Your use of SHOWBIE app to monitor students’ progress in the arts and your positive belief that there is scope for all the arts to support EBacc subjects is very laudable indeed. To make further progress, the panel suggest you continue with your Arts Award work and develop a succession plan to ensure continuity with the Living Arts Network.


Congratulations on your Artsmark Platinum Award!


Arts Council England celebrates your ongoing commitment to arts and cultural education at a governing body level, and the opportunities stretching your whole setting. Your children and young people are offered equal opportunity to influence, lead, experience and evaluate a broad range of high-quality arts and cultural activities across a wide range of media, and you contribute to development opportunities in these areas for your staff and others that make a difference in these areas. You have strong partnerships with arts and cultural organisations and other settings, and can evidence the long-lasting positive impact of this collaboration. Your children and young people have an opportunity to continually develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of arts and culture, and you are working to become an opinion former and further progress the leadership role you have established.

A huge well done to all involved.