Parental Access to ClassCharts and Google Classroom By Email

During the next week, parents will receive an email notification from ClassCharts. JHNCC uses ClassCharts to reward and track student behaviour as well issue detentions when students have not followed the JHNCC rules.

JHNCC has used the parent email addresses we currently have on file to send the login details to access your child’s ClassCharts account so that you can see behaviour and detention details, for those parents who currently have not activated their accounts.

For those parents who have activated their accounts, you will not receive anything and thank you for setting this up.

ClassCharts is a system the College has been using since September to reward and track student behaviour against the College’s behaviour policy. ClassCharts provides parents with easy access to view student behaviour and attendance and will also provide the basis for student rewards. Positive points earn the students rewards.

You will be given email updates and notifications about rewards and detentions. You will also be able to download the ClassCharts parent app on either iPhone or android. Currently all detentions are notified to parents by text message but the College is moving to a system where detentions, rewards, news and notifications are issued via either email or app.

The same parent email address will also be used to enable parents to see what work is being set for students to complete at home. Parents will get a regular email update with summaries and deadlines for the work that needs to be completed.

Please do look out for these emails and activate your ClassCharts account if you currently do not have one. Also, look out for the Google Classroom work update email and show this to your child. Please ask them about what work they need to do and get them to embed good habits by logging into Google Classroom every day.