College Meals

John Henry Newman Catholic College meals are provided by our in-house catering team.

Healthy Eating

A young person’s diet has a huge impact on their wellbeing and attainment. We are continually looking very carefully at our lunch menu and monitor how students spend their money during lunch. Free breakfast is available before school. At break there is a selection of healthy snacks on sale and free fruit on a Friday. At lunch time there is a flat fee, equivalent to free school meal allowance, of £2.15, as students enter the dining room. This will entitle students to a meal from a wide range of options such as baked potatoes, pasta option, meal of the day (student council to decide), and vegetarian option, again for student council to decide. The menu changes each week, based on a three week cycle, In addition students will be allowed to help themselves to salad, bread and fruit all included in the price. Students will not be able to use their £2.15 allowance to buy soft drinks, cookies or breaktime snacks.

We are always keen to try new ideas and we have run a number of theme days over the year including Christmas Dinner, Indian Theme and Mexican Theme. We have also run a successful new snack bar called The Hub for Sixth Form this year which we hope to expand in September 16.

We have been successful in attracting high numbers of students into the canteen and we hope to build up the business further in 16/17.

Any comments and suggestions from parents are most welcome.

Menus can be downloaded here