Creative Writing Workshop with Richard Kurti

On Tuesday 10th October, the top 20 readers from year 8 had the opportunity to meet author Richard Kurti and experience a creative writing crash course. Richard Kurti is the author of two books, ‘Monkey Wars’ and ‘Maladapted’. Richard has been nominated for many awards. Maladapted won the Hounslow Teen Read 2017! Not only has Richard Kurti had two books published but he is also a screenwriter for many films and series such as Sherlock Holmes,Wolfblood,Robin Hood and many more.

Richard Kurti explained how you should just write what you think and express yourself on the page.
It is a trial and error process with creative writing as you have to ensure it flows and that the first page intrigues those interested.You should never judge a book by it’s cover and should always consider how to make a book seem interesting through the title and the first few lines.”

We asked a few students that took part in this experience to get their opinion on it.

He was very inspiring and gave us an interesting insight on creative writing.”
Mebin Yr8

I learnt how to be a more creative writer and your thoughts can be random.
Ryan Yr8

”I enjoyed it as it showed us the key techniques of making creative writing more intriguing.”
Alessandra Yr 8

Richard Kurti gave students an insightful experience and has impacted everyone’s writing skills. Furthermore,Richard has helped students to further develop their writing and opened up a new world of creativity in all that were involved.
Report by Shannon Year 8 student