Curriculum Statement 2016-2017

Our mission is to ensure that all students are in a position to follow their true vocation in life and have the opportunity to go to a top university or a prestigious apprenticeship. We work closely with industry, businesses and universities to develop our provision and curriculum. This ensures our students gain the knowledge and employability skills which will give them the competitive edge in the world of work.

The College uses the specialism of Mathematics and Arts as our foundation for a broad and balanced academic curriculum with strong provision for both STEM and creative subjects. This programme is underpinned by a Catholic curriculum which supports the development of both spiritual and personnel virtues.

To provide breadth to the curriculum all students access a programme of non‐examination lessons and activities, comprising Physical Education, PSHE, and IAG, which is supplemented through the tutorial programme and half‐termly Impact Days.

 Please note that curriculum information is correct at time of publication on 1st July 2016, but is subject to alteration in response to any curriculum changes which are made at government level.