Film Club Review of the Week

As part of Film Club at John Henry Newman Catholic College, at the end of every film, students are tasked with writing a short and creative film review in under 60 words. This weeks joint winner are Ethan and Daniils, who completed this film review of DC’s Justice League and will receive their prize next week:


Rating: 3/5 Stars

Review: Justice League is an engaging film with high quality graphics and effects. The film follows a group of superhero’s who join forces to destroy Steppenwolf who seeks to destroy earth with the Mother Boxes. The film is full of action but lacks witty comedy for it to be level with The Avengers.

Would You Recommend: Worth a watch but don’t get too excited.

Reminder: Film Club is on every Monday from 3:00pm in 1E13, next week we take a vote on the next film that we will be watching.