GSUS Live – June 2016

Last week, we were pleased to host the GSUS Live bus, a mobile interactive classroom designed to allow students to learn about Jesus’ teachings on fear, forgiveness and rejection.

Lots of students from years 7, 8 and 9 had the chance to take part in this excellent and challenging new experience.This is what some had to say:

Lewis Whitehead, year 7, said that he chose the character Ben and enjoyed helping Ben to forgive his mum.

Charles McLachlan, year 8, reflected on his lesson and said that he liked the experience of knowing how others felt and helping them. He thought it was very advanced and helped students to understand how Jesus helps us.

Miss Ford commented that “The students enjoyed the interactive element and engaged with the subject positively as it got them thinking about how to behave in certain situations and how to link back to spiritual life.”

Lastly, John Platt, from GSUS Live, and one of the teachers who had been working with JHNCC students all week, left us with these great comments about our students “I am genuinely impressed by all classes and how well they have engaged and listened to different perspectives and have been willing to share their thoughts.”

A big thank you to Mrs Griffiths for organising this great event and to the students for participating and making it a real success.