Students from years 10 and 11 had a great time on their cultural trip to Berlin. They learned much about the history and culture of the city and the part it played in World War Two. We walked for miles and saw many sights whilst the sun was shining on us! Students were exceptionally well behaved and represented the school in such a positive light throughout our trip, especially when we were delayed for over 3hrs at the airport before we even left! I want to thank the students and Miss Butler for sharing a wonderful experience that I shall never forget!

On the first day we visited the part Berlin played in the Holocaust and WW2 by visiting Sachsenhausen concentration camp which detailed the part this particular camp played as a model and test site for methods used at other camps throughout Europe. Later that day we wen to Wannasse Conference house, a site on the beautiful lakes of Germany and was the location of the SS and German officers who made the decision about the Final Solution. To top the day we went to the famous Olympic Stadium, the site of the 1936 Summer Olympics.

Later in the trip we had a walking tour of the city where our guide regaled us with a very personal account of Germany after the war and living in a divided city by the Wall. We visited museums liker Check point Charlie and the Topography of Terror as well as landmarks such the Jewish Memorial and had a view of the city via the fasted lift in Europe at the Panorama Punkt.

Thank you
Aimee Parsons