Minimum Attainment Grade

Dear parent/carer

As you will be aware from the recent Getting Started evenings, we are implementing a new framework for assessment at KS3. The main principle behind the assessment framework is to ensure each student is on track to achieve at least their minimum attainment grade (MAG), which is derived from their standardised SATs score at the end of KS2. We believe it is important that students are fully aware of the progress they are making towards their MAG in each of their subjects, which is why they are being issued with pocket-sized MAG Cards. The cards will be updated after the assessment points in February (AP1) and May (AP2), and it is hoped they will serve as both an incentive and reminder to the students of their academic achievements so far. Below, is an example of what the MAG Card will look like:

Please encourage your son/daughter to sit with you whilst you test on the material available on Google Classroom. This will ensure that he/she will  far exceed the minimum attainment grades (MAGs).

If you have any questions about the KS3 Framework or the MAG Card, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your continued support with your child’s education.

Yours faithfully,
Mr A. Baker
Strategic Director of Assessment and KS3