At John Henry Newman Catholic College we want all students to be excited to learn another language and to embrace the opportunities that become available to us when we open our minds and hearts to learn about other cultures, religions, customs and traditions.


Our main aim is to enable our students to rise to the challenge of learning a foreign language but also to understand that language learning is about so much more than just grammar and vocabulary. We encourage our students to embrace and celebrate their personal and cultural differences and we hope to do this through our teaching of the Spanish language.


Our schemes of work have been carefully developed with the aim of fostering excellent language learning skills and the department is fully resourced with knowledge organisers and online resources to supplement and support student learning both in and out of lessons.


Key Stage Three

In Key Stage 3, we aim to give our students a secure foundation in the grammatical concepts of the Spanish language and a wealth of vocabulary so that they can communicate effectively with their peers about topics that are relevant to them. We cover topics such as My Life, School, Free Time, Family and Friends, Holidays, Diet and Sports. The curriculum enables the pupils to develop skills through a variety of contexts and gives pupils opportunities to explore aspects of the life and culture of countries and communities where the language is spoken.


Key Stage 4

Pupils in KS4 undertake the GCSE Spanish course. The course followed in Years 10 & 11 leads to a qualification with AQA. This specification builds upon the Programme of Study for Spanish at Key Stage 3 and provides the basis for further study at A Level. Qualification is gained by external assessment in Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading.