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Parent Voice

We very much value your opinion on how well we perform as a school. Whether this is in relation to the quality of teaching and learning, our pastoral care of your child or anything else. If there is something we do well then, with your encouragement, we will carry on doing it, more and more. If there are ways in which we need to improve, we will develop and change. To help us in this way, please fill out our Parent Voice response form by clicking on the link below. Thank you!


What you have told us so far!

We have carried extensive consultation over the last two years across a whole range of areas which concern parents. Below you will find a summary of what parents have told us and our response to this feedback.

Communicating with Parents – What do you think?
Having effective lines of communication is essential for maintaining a good partnership with parents. Below is the results of consultations we have held with parents about the way we communicate with you.

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Induction for Parents of children joining JHN – What do you think?
A. Starting with us in Year 7

The first step in getting to know parents of children in year 7 is the school open evening. This is what your responses were to us when we asked you what you thought about our open evening.

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Learning and the Curriculum – What do you think?
We very much appreciate the feedback that parents give us about what and how we teach your children. We do hope that you feel part of the teaching staff at JHN as your input is invaluable. These are the results of the consultation we carried out with you in this area.

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Joint Family Enrichment Activities
What did we do, what did you think and what did we do next?

Family Sports and Activity Evenings
Earlier on this year, we opened up the school sports facilities from 3.30pm on a Friday for families to come along and enjoy some physical activity together. Everyone was welcome and there was no charge. The activities the participants chose to take part in were badminton, table tennis and football.

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Training for Parents, Carers and Adult Education

What did we do, what did you think and what did we do next?
Training for Parents to enable them to help their children more.

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School Policies on Behaviour, Attendance, Punctuality, Anti Bullying and Homework
What do you think?

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Moving on From John Henry Newman and moving through the different key stages within the school

It is very important that we work with parents at key times in their children’s lives. As students move from Key stage 3 to Key stage 4, from Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5 and when they leave JHN we need to work closely with parents to ensure that the students adapt to the different demands being placed on them. We asked you what you thought about all that we do. These are the results of this consultation.

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