At John Henry Newman Catholic College there is a whole school focus on teaching and learning and a drive to raise levels of attainment across all areas of the curriculum.

A key part of this process is individual dialogue between teachers and students. This occurs at many levels across the school:

  • with subject teachers during curriculum time
  • with Heads of Department
  • with Heads of Year
  • with Student Services Co-ordinators
  • with parents / carers
  • with Personal Tutors

One of our key strategies to ensure that this occurs regularly and for every student is through the Personal Tutor system.

All students are allocated a Personal Tutor who takes a professional interest in, and shows concern for, his/her students’ academic and pastoral well-being throughout the whole of their secondary school career. Every teacher in their role as a Personal Tutor will have responsibility to make sure that students are able to:

Key Stage 3

  • Make choices in Year 9
  • Reflect on their strengths
  • Plan targets

Key Stage 4

  • Assess qualities, skills and achievements so they can set personal goals
  • Manage praise and criticism in a positive way and learn from their experience
  • Negotiate and plan Post 16 choices

Students are encouraged to compile a folder of evidence for their Personal Development Portfolio.

Personal tutors will:

  • Work with students to set targets following the publication of assessment data.
  • Distribute and discuss reports during consultation days.
  • Offer individual counselling and advice to students as necessary, liaising with other staff and with parents / carers where appropriate.