The Year 9 English Exam






Private Peaceful

Extract and whole novel analysis.

1 hour

14th to 28th of January 2019.

All students will sit one English exam paper lasting 60 minutes. It will take place in lesson time according to the published timetable 

Supporting Exam Preparation

Effective studying is essential to doing well in these exams. We’ve included some tips below for parents/carers:

  • Encourage your child to accept their invite to join the whole Year 9 Google Classroom and start studying now
  • Encourage your child to use the Private Peaceful knowledge organiser to learn important quotes, writers techniques and context. This can be found on Google classroom and the website.
  • Ask your child if you can help them: chatting to them or asking them questions from the knowledge organisers and testing them on key quotations. See if they can remember the key quotations attached to each character, and also ask them what they understand by them.
  • There are also practice extract questions on Google Classroom. Working through these under timed conditions will help make sure they have practice at this but encourage your child to get good at writing great answers before they attempt a timed answer.

AP1 - Exam Content

Exam content to be learned and studied

•The themes of conflict, bravery, camaraderie (relationships), the realities of war, and heroism.

•The plot of Private Peaceful

•A good understanding of key characters

•A good understanding of life in the trenches of World War One

•A good understanding of writer’s purpose and use of language and structure.


From now until the exam, study in chunks and do not leave the preparation until the last minute

Use the materials to spread out your studying so everything is studied more than twice and the practice questions are used. If you do this the actual exam in January will have no surprises.

Google Classroom

Your child’s English Google classroom has all the materials discussed above in an easy to access way. Your child has access to this, they have been invited through their school email account.

Contacting the department

As a department we can be contacted by  emailing the English department at this email address  or contact Mr Collins at

Learning Materials