Content to Learn





60 minutes

Urbanisation ideas – Settlement,  Suburbanisation, Counter urbanisation, Push factor, Rural to urban migration, Megacity Settlement types and functions, Burgess Model, Challenges that megacities face.


Coasts – Erosion, Transportation, Deposition, Swash, Fetch, Types of wave, Types of erosion, Formation of a stack, Coastal management strategies

How should my child revise and prepare to be successful on these assessments?

Thoroughly learn the ideas and vocabulary from the knowledge organisers. Students can do this the same way they revise and prepare for their regular knowledge and key questions tests by self-testing. This process involves the following steps:

  1. Selecting a chunk of the knowledge organiser or study booklet.
  2. Test yourself on the content to be learnt. Ask others to test you. See if you can remember the whole knowledge organiser by trying to write it out from memory

As you get more confident with your knowledge, answer the questions from the AP1 preparation booklets using the knowledge organisers.

2 Ways Parents Can Help

  1. Knowledge organisers: Encourage your child to use their knowledge organisers for their revision and complete self-testing of vocabulary and word meanings. Offer to quiz them on their knowledge to see how much they have learned and give them guidance on what to do next
  2. Support resources: Your child has a paper copy of the preparation booklet. Please monitor the completion of this – the answers can be found on the knowledge organisers. The booklets should be completed before the date of the exam.

Learning Materials