A Parents’ guide Year 9


Content includes

Germany under the Kaiser

Unification of Germany

Wilhelm, the man


Impact of WW1

The Weimar  Republic

Difficult early years, 1919 – 1923

Golden years, 1924 – 1929

Great Depression, 1920 – 1932

Rise of the Nazis

Hitler’s early years, 1919 – 1923

Wilderness years, 1924 – 1929

Rise to chancellorship, 1920 – Jan 1933

Consolidation of power, 1933 - 1934

Preparing for the exam

Students can use the knowledge organiser to learn the essential knowledge and vocabulary for these topics. Once they are confident with the knowledge, they can complete the revision sheets for the topics. Students have already seen these in lesson. If they get stuck, they will need to use their knowledge organisers to complete the more tricky questions. They could also use their exercise book to complete this work.

How parents can help

  1. Help students revise the material for the test, using the knowledge organisers for the two topics
  2. Get students to complete the revision handouts, using the knowledge organisers where they get stuck

Good luck!!!!!!

Learning Materials