A Parents’ guide Year 7


Content includes

What is history?


What are the main periods of history?

What are sources?

What are interpretations?

The Tollund Man

Why did most Ancient Civilisations start in Eurasia?

The Romans

What is an Empire?

Where was the Roman Empire

Why was the Roman army so strong?

·        Recruitment

·        Quality of soldiers

·        Weapons and tactics

Preparing for the exam

Students can use the 2 knowledge organisers for both topics to learn the essential knowledge and vocabulary for these topics. Once they are confident with the knowledge, they can complete the study booklets for both topics. If they get stuck, they will need to use their knowledge organisers.

Finally, there is a practice assessment to attempt when they think they are ready

How parents can help


  1. Help students revise the material for the test, using the knowledge organisers for the two topics
  1. Get students to complete the revision handouts, using the knowledge organisers where they get stuck. Help them to check the answers
  1. Get students to sit the mock paper in an exam or, alternatively, to plan how they would answer the questions using the planning sheet

Good luck!!!!!!

Learning Materials