How can I help my child be a successful learner in PE?

  • Encourage your child to pack their PE kit the night before a lesson
  • Bring additional layers underneath their PE top if they are going to be outside in cold weather
  • Provide your child with a note if they are ill or injured
  • Ensure your child brings in their PE kit if they are ill or injured as they can perform additional roles, such as, officiating or coaching
  • Ask your child if they have completed their Google Quiz which is posted onto Google Classroom once a half-term as part of their assessment.
  • Encourage your child to attend extra-curricular clubs after-school
  • Encourage your child to take part in sport outside of school

What extra-curricular clubs are available for my child to attend?

Please see the extra-curricular timetable below.

How will my child be assessed in their PE lessons?

Student’s are assessed in 3 categories; Head, Hands & Heart. The grading system is 9-1 and students are regularly informed of what grade they should be aiming for, dependent on their school year. Student’s are awarded an average grade for Head, Hands & Heart. Students are assessed once every 6 weeks on completion of their sporting activity. This grade is then reported back to your child and targets are identified to enable your child to make further progress. Please see the attached assessment criteria for further information.  (PE Assessment)

How do I contact the PE Department?

If you have any questions/want to know more about how you can support your child please contact us at: pe@jhncc.org