Wembley Trip

On Thursday 5th October a group of students visited Wembley Stadium to watch England play Slovenia in a World Cup qualifying match. England won 1-0 thanks to a 93rd minute winner from Harry Kane.

Here is a match report from one of our students.

Wembley was a new experience to me and many others. Football is an exciting game as it is but watching the nation’s best play in one of the country’s best stadiums with tens of thousands of people looking on, took the experience to a whole new level. There wasn’t a single downfall to the trip apart from the long drive to London. This drive was set out to be boring but as songs (as provided by us) appeared upon arrival we could feel the nervousness of the game. Outside the stadium emotions run high and all we wanted to do was get inside. After quickly getting ourselves prepared we was inside and watching the game. From start to finish we was basically on the edge of or seats waiting for England to score. That moment came in the 90+ minute when Harry Kane himself scored. Words couldn’t explain how happy we were to come away with a win and a first-hand account of Wembley. Again, after celebrating we headed home happier than on the way there. This time the journey felt shorter as all we were talking about was the game. Thanks to this I will definitely be visiting Wembley again in hopes to gain the same experience. Thanks to the teachers who took the time to take us to Wembley on behalf of everyone who went on the trip.
Jaden K