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Year 12 Induction September 2016


Wednesday 7th September saw our new Year 12 cohort begin their induction programme. The day began with an introduction to the college by the Principal, who shared John Henry Newman’s words with the students. A workshop hosted by Barclays Life Skills provided students with a chance to reflect on their resilience and learn new techniques to strengthen this as they commence their A-level studies. We were also visited by Severn Trent Water Apprentices who presented to the students on the career opportunities available to them. One of the apprentices from Severn Trent Water was a former student of John Henry Newman Catholic College. He spoke confidently about the transition to an apprenticeship and how the education he had received at the college set him in good stead. The competitive apprenticeship scheme at Severn Trent Water selects only twenty individuals from over one thousand applicants. It was truly inspirational for the students to hear such a success story and they were inquisitive throughout.

Year 12 spent the second day of their induction at Alton Castle, participating in team building activities and spiritual reflection. The theme of the day was ‘upside down thinking’ — students were encouraged to consider how some of the simplest acts, such as having faith, being selfless and even looking after others, are seen as ‘risks’ in our contemporary culture, dominated by celebrities and social media.


Students were challenged to embrace faith with a child-like innocence and competed to ‘win’ qualities that we sometimes lose sight of as adults, such as trust and wonderment. The theme of competition was continued as the students took part in teambuilding activities that provided a more informal environment for them to get to know one another and forge new friendships.


A special mention goes to our Year 13 student leadership team who voluntarily accompanied the new Year 12 starters on their induction programme, providing insight and guidance on both days. This set the tone for what will be a fantastic year for all sixth form students, who have already proved themselves a delight to work with.