JHNCC Transition 2020

Welcome to the 2020 JHNCC transition page. This year is proving to be different in so many ways and the transition process and activities we do this year have changed to reflect the current situation.
This webpage will provide valuable information for you in getting to know all about John Henry Newman Catholic College and the expectations we have for all students. You can view the Principal, Mr McGurran, explaining about the College and what you can expect when you arrive. Mrs O'Rourke will be the Head of Year for Year 7 and she also has a message for the students and their families coming in September.
Mr Harvey is the member of staff who is leading this year's transition program and his video explains what will be happening this year. Lastly, some current Year 7 students have made a video tour of the College for you to follow so you can get to know the layout of the College.
At the bottom of this webpage will be a list of FAQs - questions new students and their families have asked us. Please look at the list of questions and if you have a question, and the answer is not here, please email Mr Harvey at dharvey@jhncc.org.
This page will be updated during the coming weeks. FAQs will be added to every few days so please do check in. At the beginning of June, the 2020 New Parent Handbook will be published and you will be able to see it here. The list of tutors for next year will also be published. Each student will be informed of  their tutor group next month and then you will be able to start to get to know your tutor.

Mr Brendan McGurran Acting Principal who has been Principal since February 2020

Message from Mrs Louise O'Rourke the Head of Year 7

Transition FAQ

Due to COVID-19 there will be no summer school.

There is a parents forum and we would very much encourage you to join and get involved with providing a valuable constructive criticism. Please contact Mr Morgan, the Strategic Director for Catholic Life and Community via email mmorgan@jhncc.org

Information about uniform and the PE kit suppliers can be found here http://www.johnhenrynewmancatholiccollege.org.uk/uniform-standards/ and http://www.johnhenrynewmancatholiccollege.org.uk/where-can-i-purchase-the-college-uniform-from/

The school days promptly at 8.45am with students needing to be in class, seated and paying attention to their teacher at this time - NOT IN THE BUILDING BY 8.45AM
Currently the school day finishes at 3pm.
The nature of the school day is under review so as to make the time as effective as possible

There are plenty of extra-curricular activities for students to take part in during the year. JHNCC has a film club, board games club, STEM club, DT club and many sporting activities and teams. More details can be found here http://www.johnhenrynewmancatholiccollege.org.uk/jhncc-extra-curricular-timetable/

At the moment, there are no plans for Y6 students to visit JHNCC. However, to help Y6 students become familiar with the building and how to get around there is a tour video in the videos above.

The arrangements for September in regard to COVID safety will be confirmed in August. It is too soon to tell what will happen in September

Your child will find out their tutor group and tutor in the first week of July. This will be emailed out and posted home

At the moment, we are planning for staff to record video messages to their new tutor groups. Yes you will be able to email from July.

At the moment no. There are plans for a virtual transition week, when transition for all Y6 solihull will be the most important remote learning and work they do.

If you completed the survey sent out in April informing JHNCC of friends that your child would like to be in a tutor group with, then this information will be followed to the best of our ability. If you did not complete the survey, then please email Mrs O’Rourke, Head of Year 7 next year or Mr Harvey, Strategic Director of Learning, Communication and Transition. lorourke@jhncc.org and dharvey@jhncc.org

JHNCC has very meticulous planning to ensure that students will additional needs are well known to JHNCC staff before they start in September. JHNCC staff speak directly with the SEND co-ordinator of every feeder primary to make sure relevant information is provided and student needs understood. Parents also completed a survey in April where they identified if their child had needs that needed further discussion. After half term, our SEND will be contacting certain families to reassure you of the support available at JHNCC. If you want to talk about SEND issues please do contact Mrs O’Rourke or Mr Harvey.

JHNCC will be working with key primary feeder schools to ensure that work provided in June and July supports their transition in September. This work will be given to your child by their primary school.

Year 7 students are placed into one of two streams. Last year, this was done using SAT scores. This year this will be done using information from primary schools, who have collaborated with JHNCC so effectively.

There are no plans for Y7 students to take academic tests in September. Instead we will prioritise getting students back into the habit of learning hard in lessons. Every student will take however, the NGRT reading test which will enable JHNCC staff to plan responsive and teaching intervention to ensure every child has solid reading comprehension.

JHNCC Virtual Transition Meeting

Year 6 Assembly

Kooth Assembly

JHNCC Guided Tour

From the pupils