The governing body is the College’s accountable body. It is responsible for the conduct of he College, for promoting high standards and for the fostering and preservation of its Catholic ethos. The governing body aims to ensure that children attend an effective school which provides them with a good education and supports their well being.

Dr Robert Wilcher – Chair of the Governing Body and Co-Opted Governor
Mrs A Gilbride – Governor
Mr Gregory Keegan – Vice Chair and Sponsor Governor
Rev Christopher Fitzpatrick – Sponsor Governor

Mr Gerrard Hetherton– Sponsor Governor
Mr C Flaherty –  Co-Opted Governor
Mrs Louise O’Rourke – Staff Governor
Mr Leon Denis – Parent Governor
Dr J Coughlan – Executive Principal and Sponsor Governors
Mrs K Clarke – Principal

Mrs A M Gilbride

I am a sponsor Foundation Governor from Bishop Challoner Catholic College and have worked in Catholic education as a School Business Manager for more than twenty years.  From this role I have a good understanding of the difficulties within school budgets, staffing and resource management.

I believe all schools should have high expectations of their staff and their pupils and they should strive to find and develop their pupils’ talents, enabling them to develop into confident, resilient and successful adults. As a governor, I endeavour to provide both challenge and support to the headteacher and staff as they work to achieve the best outcomes for all our pupils.

Mr Greg Keegan

I am the Vice Chair of Governors and am very proud to be a part of the College. I have been on the Board of Governors for six years.  My background is in business and marketing.  I believe that Catholic Education should be a positive experience for the whole school community.  I support the school in offering the very best education possible by giving the students qualifications that will allow them to meet all their expectations and open the door for opportunities for their futures.

Father Fitzpatrick

I first became involved with the Academy as a Sponsor Governor when it opened in January 2011 and was pleased to return to this role on becoming Parish Priest in St Anne’s Parish.  My vision for the College is to ensure that the Catholic faith continues to enrich the lives of our young people, ensuring they achieve their full potential both academically, morally and spiritually.

Mr Gerrard Hetherton

I am a Senior Vice-Principal at Bishop Challoner Catholic College who sponsor John Henry Newman Catholic College.  I have worked closely with senior colleagues at John Henry Newman since February 2010 and in June 2017 I was invited to become a Sponsor Governor. I have a whole hearted commitment to ensure that John Henry Newman and Bishop Challoner work closely together and share our expertise to enhance the quality of catholic education in both schools.

Dr Robert Wilcher

I am a practising Catholic and take an active part in the life of my parish.  I taught English in a Catholic College of Education for four years and in a university for thirty-five years before retiring in 2007.  For many years I was a governor of Newman College (now University) and am currently a governor of Bishop Challoner Catholic College.  Therefore I bring to my role as a Foundation Governor both a commitment to fostering Catholic life in the College and a wide experience in education.

Mr Cieran Flaherty

I’ve been teaching since 1999 and since 2001 working in Catholic schools in North Solihull and since 2013 as Headteacher of St. Anthony’s one of JHN’s feeder schools. As a former pupil of the predecessor school Archbishop Grimshaw. I’m passionate about giving all in our community the very best Catholic education focusing particularly on Catholic social teaching and giving all our community the very best life chances. I look forward to working with the Governing body and supporting the SLT with their work.

Dr J Coughlan

I am the Principal of Bishop Challoner Catholic College who sponsor John Henry Newman Catholic College. I have worked closely with the college for several years providing strategic support. I am fully committed to supporting John Henry Newan Catholic College in their continued quest for excellence and the tremendous work they do in serving their community of faith. The students that attend John Henry Newman Catholic College deserve the very best in Catholic education and I am fully committed in supporting the school to achieve this vision.

Mr Leon Denis

Alongside being a Parent Governor at JHNCC I also serve as a Foundation Governor at St. Bernadettes RC Primary school, (a role I have performed for over 5 years) I currently have children at both schools and am proud to be actively involved in school life and take my role extremely seriously.

Through my varied life experiences and working career, I acknowledge and appreciate the power of education and the transformative ability that it has.

There is immense value to all of our children and society as a whole in having a safe, consistent and rewarding educational experience.

I know and understand the necessity of having options in life and the growth opportunities that are created by making the right decisions. A key element to support any decision making process is a sound intellectual, emotional and spiritual foundation that I believe JHNCC provides.

I am excited about the future and look forward to seeing how all of our children will change the world.


The Governing Body:
Sets the strategic direction of the college by:

  • Setting the values, aims and objectives for the college, in keeping with its Catholic ethos
  • Agreeing the policy framework for achieving those aims and objectives
    Setting statutory targets
  • Agreeing the school improvement strategy which includes approving the budget
  • Agreeing the staffing structure


Challenges and supports the college by monitoring, reviewing and evaluating:

  • The implementation and effectiveness of the policy framework
  • Progress made towards targets
  • The implementation and effectiveness of the school improvement strategy
  • The budget and staffing structure


Ensures accountability by:

  • Responding to the School Improvement Partner and Ofsted reports when necessary
  • Holding the Head Teacher to account for the performance of the college
  • Ensuring parents and pupils are involved, consulted and informed as appropriate
  • Making available information to the community


For the Governing body to carry out its role effectively, governors must be:

  • Prepared and equipped to take their responsibilities seriously;
  • Acknowledged as the accountable body by the lead professionals and Trustees
  • Supported by appropriate authorities in that task


In law the governing body is a corporate body, which means that no governor can act independently without proper authority from the full governing body. All governors carry equal responsibility for decisions made, and although appointed through different routes, the overriding concern of all governors has to be the welfare of the school as a whole.

In line with the John Henry Newman Catholic College Conflicts of Interest Policy a register is kept of any business interests of the Governing Body.

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