This is a breakdown of all of the content on your November Mock exams and summer preparation. The topics below appear on the Foundation Papers (1, 2 and 3). Use this to identify your strengths and areas that you need to work on in preparation for your mock exam.  Click here for a link that goes through strategies to help you revise effectively using Pixl and corbettmaths.  Assess yourself against each statement. Then use the associated video tutorials recap your knowledge and notes pages to practice similar maths questions.  Once finished then test yourself using past papers. Here a link to past papers and mark schemes LINK

Topic content

Adding fractions (1H)      
Estimation (1H)      
Index laws  (1H & 2H)      
Proof (1H)      
Algebraic fractions (1H)      
Plotting quadratics (2H)      
Probability trees (2H &3H)      
Two way tables (2H)      
Functions  (2H)      
Histograms (2H)      
Standard form (3H)      
Angles in polygons (3H)      
Iteration  (3H)      
Equations of straight lines (3H)      
Sine and cosine rule (3H)