In order to prepare for AP2, you need to be using your knowledge organisers and lessons to revise key concepts and knowledge. Your google form homework tasks each week help you learn this information too. Below is a revision list which explains the key aspects you need to be confident in. 

The main focus of your AP2 will be ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

You will need to know:

  • Key Literary Terms and Definitions.
  • Context relating to Shakespearean England.
  • The conventions of a Shakespearean tragedy.

All of these can be found on your ‘Romeo and Juliet’ knowledge organisers.

You should also revise the key knowledge that was tested in your AP1, such as your knowledge of Greek Mythology and Poetic terms and devices.


You will be asked to ANALYSE a scene of ‘Romeo and Juliet’

  • Use your Analytical Writing knowledge organisers to make sure you are familiar with the steps to writing analytically.

You will be asked to write a MONOLOGUE of your own

  • Use your creative and descriptive writing knowledge organisers to practise techniques you could use.