16th August 2018 Year 13 Exam Results @ JHNCC

I take great pride in announcing our Sixth Form Results for 2018. Yet again the College is celebrating outstanding results in both A Level and Vocational courses, with exceptional results in many individual subjects.

Highlights include:

  • Approximately 40% of A Level grades at A*-B
  • 100% pass rate in all BTEC courses, with over 85% at Distinction*/Distinction
  • All applicants to university have accepted a place on their chosen course
  • Increasing numbers of students choosing to study at Russell Group universities, which are some of the best universities worldwide

These results show that Newman Sixth is an outstanding place to come and learn at Post-16 for all students, and with a full complement of A Level and BTEC courses students are able to study a combination of courses if they wish, which is an increasingly popular option amongst many students and universities.

Pictured below are our Head Boy, who will now go on to study Automotive Engineering at Warwick University, and our Head Girl, who has chosen to read Neuroscience at Nottingham University.

Many congratulations to all of the students celebrating their results and a huge thank you to our talented and inspirational Sixth Form staff for the support and encouragement they have given all of our students. Results day at John Henry Newman Catholic College was packed full of students enjoying the thrill of success and the realisation for many that they are able to fulfil their dream of continuing their studies at university.

On behalf of the entire John Henry Newman Catholic College community, I wish our students all the very best for the future.

If you would like to study at Newman Sixth in September, enrolment takes place on Thursday 23rd August and Friday 24th August 2018, and places are still available on many different courses.

Mrs McGuirk


JHNCC: Berlin 2018

 Students from years 10 and 11 had a great time on their cultural trip to Berlin. They learned much about the history and culture of the city and the part it played in World War Two. We walked for miles and saw many sights whilst the sun was shining on us! Students were exceptionally well behaved and represented the school in such a positive light throughout our trip, especially when we were delayed for over 3hrs at the airport before we even left! I want to thank the students and Miss Butler for sharing a wonderful experience that I shall never forget!

On the first day we visited the part Berlin played in the Holocaust and WW2 by visiting Sachsenhausen concentration camp which detailed the part this particular camp played as a model and test site for methods used at other camps throughout Europe. Later that day we wen to Wannasse Conference house, a site on the beautiful lakes of Germany and was the location of the SS and German officers who made the decision about the Final Solution. To top the day we went to the famous Olympic Stadium, the site of the 1936 Summer Olympics.

Later in the trip we had a walking tour of the city where our guide regaled us with a very personal account of Germany after the war and living in a divided city by the Wall. We visited museums liker Check point Charlie and the Topography of Terror as well as landmarks such the Jewish Memorial and had a view of the city via the fasted lift in Europe at the Panorama Punkt.

Thank you
Aimee Parsons


Madrid parental meeting- postponed to Thursday 12th July 6pm

The Madrid parental meeting has been postponed until the day after, Thursday 12th July at 6pm.

Please ensure you bring your child’s passport and EHIC to this meeting.

If you are unable to attend the meeting on Thursday, please contact Miss McDonald to let her know and send your child’s passport and EHIC into school to be photocopied.

The final payments are now due. Please ensure you have paid the full balance of the trip.

Many thanks,

Miss McDonald- rmcdonald@jhncc.org

Madrid Letter – Meeting Postponed

#LivingArtsNetwork @ JHNCC

 This years Living Arts Network project has been a huge success, Creative Solutions have worked with over 300 students, building communities, installing British Values and Catholic Virtues through creative art and photography.

Each school has a final piece of art which will become a legacy of the project for years to come.

Be- John Henry Newman College

Be- Community

Be- Proud



Madrid trip Parental meeting- Wednesday 11th July 6pm

We are pleased to invite you to a parental meeting for the Madrid trip on Wednesday 11th July at 6pm here at John Henry Newman Catholic College.

The purpose of this meeting is to share the itinerary of our trip and show the students and yourselves where we are going and what we are going to do. We shall also use this opportunity to confirm essential and very important admin information with yourselves

Please bring your child’s passport and EHIC to this meeting.

This is a very important meeting, therefore if you are unable to attend please can you contact me so that I can confirm the essential travel information for your child.

Madrid Letter

Film Club Review of the Week

As part of Film Club at John Henry Newman Catholic College, at the end of every film, students are tasked with writing a short and creative film review in under 60 words. This weeks joint winner are Ethan and Daniils, who completed this film review of DC’s Justice League and will receive their prize next week:


Rating: 3/5 Stars

Review: Justice League is an engaging film with high quality graphics and effects. The film follows a group of superhero’s who join forces to destroy Steppenwolf who seeks to destroy earth with the Mother Boxes. The film is full of action but lacks witty comedy for it to be level with The Avengers.

Would You Recommend: Worth a watch but don’t get too excited.

Reminder: Film Club is on every Monday from 3:00pm in 1E13, next week we take a vote on the next film that we will be watching.