Creative Writing Workshop with Richard Kurti

On Tuesday 10th October, the top 20 readers from year 8 had the opportunity to meet author Richard Kurti and experience a creative writing crash course. Richard Kurti is the author of two books, ‘Monkey Wars’ and ‘Maladapted’. Richard has been nominated for many awards. Maladapted won the Hounslow Teen Read 2017! Not only has Richard Kurti had two books published but he is also a screenwriter for many films and series such as Sherlock Holmes,Wolfblood,Robin Hood and many more.

Richard Kurti explained how you should just write what you think and express yourself on the page.
It is a trial and error process with creative writing as you have to ensure it flows and that the first page intrigues those interested.You should never judge a book by it’s cover and should always consider how to make a book seem interesting through the title and the first few lines.” Continue reading

Wembley Trip

On Thursday 5th October a group of students visited Wembley Stadium to watch England play Slovenia in a World Cup qualifying match. England won 1-0 thanks to a 93rd minute winner from Harry Kane.

Here is a match report from one of our students. Continue reading

Cantabria, north of Spain- July 2018

The Modern Foreign Languages Department at John Henry Newman Catholic College is very excited to invite your child on a four day, three night school tour to Cantabria from 15th July – 18th July. Cantabria is a beautiful and exciting destination in the north of Spain and the trip will provide your child with inspiration and experiences that will stay with them for life. It will be an opportunity for pupils to travel abroad to Spain to bring the language they are learning in the classroom to life.
Continue reading

Minimum Attainment Grade

Dear parent/carer

As you will be aware from the recent Getting Started evenings, we are implementing a new framework for assessment at KS3. The main principle behind the assessment framework is to ensure each student is on track to achieve at least their minimum attainment grade (MAG), which is derived from their standardised SATs score at the end of KS2. We believe it is important that students are fully aware of the progress they are making towards their MAG in each of their subjects, which is why they are being issued with pocket-sized MAG Cards. The cards will be updated after the assessment points in February (AP1) and May (AP2), and it is hoped they will serve as both an incentive and reminder to the students of their academic achievements so far. Below, is an example of what the MAG Card will look like: Continue reading

BBC School Report – Meetings


Make the news for real. Join BBC School Report.  Meetings are held every Tuesday at 3.15-3.45 in 1W-04.  Speak to Mr Collins or Ms Hickinbotham for more information.

Film Club Review Of The Week

As part of Film Club at John Henry Newman Catholic College, at the end of every film, students are tasked with writing a short and creative film review in under 60 words. This weeks winner is Rebecca L, who completed this film review of Jurassic Park: The Lost World and will receive her prize next week:
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Review: I thought that it was a very good film and I enjoyed the fact that it was about dinosaurs. I liked that the film had humour here and there whilst also being full of suspense and having a good plot. The best part of the film was when the T-Rex peered into the child’s bedroom towards then end.
Would You Recommend: Yes, definitely!!
Reminder: Film Club is on every Monday from 3:00pm in 1E13, next weeks film is the continuation of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Year 11 Media Studies – Local Newspapers

Year 11 Media Studies students have just finished creating their own local newspapers for the Birmingham area as part of their final piece of coursework. Students designed every element of their newspapers and created the print product using Adobe InDesign. Students were tasked with creating 4 pages of a brand new newspaper and some examples of their front pages can be seen here. Media students have worked hard to create unique and effective products which will see them achieving high marks in this coursework task. Continue reading

Author Elizabeth Wein Event

On September 21st American born author Elizabeth Wein took time out from her busy promotional tour to present to all of our year 7 student’s. The talk and presentation was engaging and hooked every single one of our children.

Elizabeth’s latest book The Pearl Thief is set in Scotland where she has been living for many years near the river Tay.
Freshwater pearl mussel are endangered and are a protected species./p>

Elizabeth announced that George Lucas had commissioned her to write a book. This will be published on the same day his new Star Wars film is due for release on December 15th 2017.

Elizabeth ended her event in our library where she chatted to a few of our year 9 students.

A marvellous and beneficial experience has been gained by so many children.

Many thanks Elizabeth

The European Day of Languages

JHNCC are excited to be celebrating The European Day of Languages on Tuesday the 26th September. This will be a fantastic opportunity for the whole school to learn more about our European neighbours both linguistically and culturally


Berlin July 2018

John Henry Newman are offering KS4/5 students an exciting opportunity to visit Berlin in July 2018! Berlin manages to encapsulate all that is modern about Europe, whilst not forgetting its turbulent past. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Berlin has undergone a building boom, and has truly shed the ills of the past to establish itself as a funky, dynamic and creative city. Nowadays, people look to Berlin for the latest trends in lifestyle, music and art as well as taking the lead in the political and economic sphere of the EU.

Berlin is a world class city of culture, history, politics, media and science and therefore students of any discipline will find visits and experiences to enhance their learning and ensure they have an experience they’ll never forget. So please print and return the permission slip along with a non-refundable deposit to Miss Parsons (Head of RE) as soon as you can. Places are offered on a first come first served basis.

Permission Slip