Year 13’s Aiming High

A cohort of our Year 13 students successfully completed a series of prestigious extra-curricular summer school programmes during the summer holidays. All of the students worked on their applications alongside their studies and exam preparation, in addition to their contributions to the wider school community.

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Year 12 Induction 2016

Wednesday 7th September saw our new Year 12 cohort begin their induction programme. The day began with an introduction to the college by the Principal, who shared John Henry Newman’s words with the students. Continue reading

Announcing another set of incredible results

Congratulations Year 11!

The Class of 2016 are celebrating the best GCSE results ever and we are delighted that so many students have achieved results that give them a passport to an exciting future.  The College has continued to buck the national trend in the decline in GCSE results with an outstanding 79% of students attaining a A*-C GCSE pass in English, 77% attaining a A*-C GCSE pass in Maths. Overall, 71% of students achieved 5 good GCSE passes or equivalent and over 30% of students achieved the English Ebacc qualification. The number of A*/A passes has reached a record high. These results are exceptional given the context that 60% of Year 11 students were eligible for free school meals and show what can be achieved for our ambitious students, whatever their circumstances.
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Places of Worship – Year 7 Creative Impact Day


On July 1st, Year 7 students at John Henry Newman Catholic College were given the fantastic opportunity to visit some places of worship, to see how people of different faiths worship, celebrate and learn. This was a well timed trip as students had been looking at tolerance and acceptance during recent tutor times, and often the best way to accept someone is to see what they do, ask questions and understand why they practice and believe what they do!

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History – Year 8 Creative Impact Day

On July 1st 2016, Year 8 visited Blists Hill Victorian Town. The trip provided students with an exciting opportunity to experience daily life in Victorian England during the Industrial Revolution. They went around the town and participated in a range of activities, from finding cures in the chemist to talking about the ‘latest’ Paris fashions in the drapers.


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