We follow the Government’s school food plan at JHNCC.

  1. We follow the Government’s nutritional standards for school lunches and aim to make the food offered healthier by increasing the vitamin and mineral content and decrease the salt, fat and sugar.
  2. The majority of food items on the menu are prepared from fresh raw ingredients in the school kitchen.
  3. We offer a variety of foods over the week which reflect the proportions of the ‘Eat well plate’
  1. The menu consists of at least one hot main meal course or cold main course with salad and bread basket optional and available every lunchtime.
  2. Promote and encourage all pupils to make healthy choices.
  3. Bread to be available daily
  4. Free fresh water available at lunch times
  5. Main meals to be seasonal
  6. Vegetables to be as seasonal as possible
  7. All staff are trained in basic hygiene regulations
  8. To try and reflect likes and dislikes of the pupils within the nutritional standards
  9. To provide for the requirement of special diets

If you need any further assistance please contact the Catering Manager on 0121 717 1247