The Drama curriculum sits at the very heart of learning and maps out the knowledge and skills that need to be developed at the appropriate stage as well as interleaving and working in collaboration with the English department to ensure that students are successful in learning the knowledge needed to secure positive outcomes.  Our curriculum is focused on the need for students to know more and remember more and as a department we strive to deepen learning, knowledge and understanding across the curriculum through practical exploration.  Over the past 5 years we have collaborated with the English department to develop schemes of work that will provide students with the opportunity to explore texts, playwrights and poems in preparation for GCSE Drama and English.  Students will study the same text in both Drama and English to combine practical with theory, developing higher order skills such as analysis and evaluation so that students are able to identify themes, character's intentions and emotions in a creative way. The Drama department also aims to develop individuals who are confident members of our society, aware of their own worth and value, and able to creatively problem-solve in order to make the changes necessary in their lives for their world to be a better place.

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