Hello and welcome to John Henry Newman Catholic College. We are, most importantly, a community of faith and take the life and teachings of Christ as our example. We are also a close community committed to developing your talents to give glory to God. Our aim is simple – we want you to leave our college with the determination never to accept second best and live life with a true sense of God’s love and self-worth. This will enable you to face life with confidence and purpose.

To make this happen we have a curriculum that:

  • Is designed to meet your needs.
  • Is broad and balanced, and provides you with exciting and varied educational experiences.
  • has no barriers to success
  • has no ceiling to achievement.
  • has no excuses for underperformance
  • is matched to your individual needs
  • offers you support and challenge
  • gives you the knowledge, skills and qualifications that will prepare you for life and opportunities in the 21st Century.
  • ensures you experience challenging lessons in the arts, performing arts and sport
  • ensures the quality of our teaching is excellent and leads to outstanding learning.

We deliver this by providing you with:

  • A knowledge rich curriculum, structured into traditional subjects, properly sequenced to ensure you learn essential knowledge at the right time.
  • Expert teachers who are passionate about learning and have excellent subject knowledge.
  • Subject workbooks and Knowledge Organisers to ensure you do not forget the precious knowledge we teach you.
  • Lessons that concentrate on remembering old knowledge so that new knowledge can be more easily learned and organised.

To make sure this happens we have very high standards of behaviour. We know you learn best in classrooms where behaviour is excellent, creating a calm environment with clear routines. We want you to:

  • Be articulate. This means we expect you to speak in full sentences project your voice clearly so teachers can hear your thinking and level of knowledge and understanding
  • Show gratitude. The school is full of adults, not just teachers, who want to make sure you are safe and confident to do your best without fear of failure. In our college, students and teachers show gratitude all the time. This leads to respect, manners and courtesy.
  • Be resilient. This means when things go wrong, or we find things difficult, we do not give up. Our students ask for help and try again. Our students do not mind failure but rather see it as an opportunity to learn something important.
  • Show stoicism. This means putting up with things we do not like or might not agree with. Our students understand that success in life often means doing things or following rules we do not like but do them anyway.

If you work hard to learn and develop these habits, you WILL be successful at our college.

We cannot wait to meet you and begin our learning journey together.

Mrs K Clarke