Without even realising it, we were all born scientists. You’ve been building your own ideas using your own senses about how the world works since you were born. There are many things out there that you can explain using simple observations. Is the universe infinite? What is electricity? What causes cancer? How do birds fly? Science intends to answer these questions, and many others about the world around us, and the universe beyond. Science is a way of exploring the world and understanding everything that occurs around you, and inside of you. Scientific knowledge also allows us to create technology and use it to change the world. Like art, science is born from our curiosity and passion about life. It is everywhere! That is why we study science in school!  In school we are preparing young people for careers that do not even exist yet, in areas we can’t even imagine. Science develops the knowledge and skills to allow our young people to thrive and prosper.

Mr Richard Warom