Media Studies

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Course Overview

Media Studies is a creative, contemporary and cultural subject that offers students the opportunity to analyse, evaluate and produce texts across a range of different Media platforms. With the recent investment of an impressive Media Suite, consisting of sixteen Apple Macs and state-of-the art software, you will construct industry quality portfolios in film, print, advertising, web design and music video production. Much of this subject is steeped in theory as you are encouraged to debate, discuss and examine diverse examples of current Media within a historical context. You will develop an understanding of the key media concepts of language, representation, audiences and institutions. Theory is also largely focused on developing key skills; with a focus on mise-en-scene, camera use, sound, photography, design, marketing, editing and composition.

What will I learn?

Key Stage 3

New innovative changes to the KS3 curriculum in 2013 will include the integration of Media Studies alongside ICT. Students will follow a newly designed curriculum where new technologies alongside digital studies, will be at the forefront of providing students with the ability to be successful in the wider world.

Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5

Pupils will produce industry-standard portfolios. This portfolio will include the production and creation of Media texts from a range of set briefs. You will produce a pre-production task, an introductory task and a final, more focused production. All planning and production work is submitted in digital format – a blog or a website is preferred and a seven-part evaluation using ‘creative media’ is required. The set briefs will consist of one of the following Media platforms.

  • Print
  • Film
  • Audio
  • Website

Key Media Concepts (TV Drama)

The purpose of this unit is to develop textual analysis skills and to form an understanding of the concept of representation. You will develop an understanding of media institutions and their production processes, distribution strategies, use of technologies and related issues concerning audience response and consumption of media texts. This unit is assessed by a two hour examination. Thirty minutes of this will be spent watching an ‘unseen’ text and independent analysis. This unit is divided into two sections.

Section 1 – You will learn how to analyse an extract from a TV Drama and will focus on a specific area of media representation such as ethnicity.

Section 2 – You will look at how institutions influence Media and in turn analyse audience and consumer reaction.

Advanced Portfolio in Media

The Advanced Portfolio in Media involves detailed planning and construction of media products using appropriate technical and creative skills. This unit requires engagement and skilled use of new and innovative technologies to create high quality productions. The construction of a film trailer, magazine cover and production poster will be assessed alongside creative evaluations across a range of media platforms. This portfolio is submitted electronically in the form of a blog or a website.

Critical Perspectives in Media
This unit focuses on analysing media concepts, contexts and critical debates developing understanding of contemporary media issues. This examination is two hours long and you will be required to answer three compulsory questions, two on your production work and the other from a choice of six topic areas evaluating media theory.

Section 1: Theoretical evaluation of production. Here you will evaluate how your practical media skills have developed throughout the course, and will apply Media theories to one of your productions.

Section 2: Media and Collective Identity.