Year 11 Media Studies – Local Newspapers

Year 11 Media Studies students have just finished creating their own local newspapers for the Birmingham area as part of their final piece of coursework. Students designed every element of their newspapers and created the print product using Adobe InDesign. Students were tasked with creating 4 pages of a brand new newspaper and some examples of their front pages can be seen here. Media students have worked hard to create unique and effective products which will see them achieving high marks in this coursework task. Continue reading

Creative Media Production – February 2017

“As part of Unit 51 in Creative Media Production, year 12 students were asked to plan, design and create a brand new music or fashion magazine. Students have created the magazine front covers and double page spreads using Photoshop in the Mac Suite. There were a range of fantastic pieces submitted by students, some have been displayed below. Isabelle C created the magazine Adore, Erin B created the magazine Mogue and Abigail T created the magazine Lining. All three students achieved distinction for their work”