JHNCC: Berlin 2018

 Students from years 10 and 11 had a great time on their cultural trip to Berlin. They learned much about the history and culture of the city and the part it played in World War Two. We walked for miles and saw many sights whilst the sun was shining on us! Students were exceptionally well behaved and represented the school in such a positive light throughout our trip, especially when we were delayed for over 3hrs at the airport before we even left! I want to thank the students and Miss Butler for sharing a wonderful experience that I shall never forget!

On the first day we visited the part Berlin played in the Holocaust and WW2 by visiting Sachsenhausen concentration camp which detailed the part this particular camp played as a model and test site for methods used at other camps throughout Europe. Later that day we wen to Wannasse Conference house, a site on the beautiful lakes of Germany and was the location of the SS and German officers who made the decision about the Final Solution. To top the day we went to the famous Olympic Stadium, the site of the 1936 Summer Olympics.

Later in the trip we had a walking tour of the city where our guide regaled us with a very personal account of Germany after the war and living in a divided city by the Wall. We visited museums liker Check point Charlie and the Topography of Terror as well as landmarks such the Jewish Memorial and had a view of the city via the fasted lift in Europe at the Panorama Punkt.

Thank you
Aimee Parsons


Film Club Review of the Week

As part of Film Club at John Henry Newman Catholic College, at the end of every film, students are tasked with writing a short and creative film review in under 60 words. This weeks joint winner are Ethan and Daniils, who completed this film review of DC’s Justice League and will receive their prize next week:


Rating: 3/5 Stars

Review: Justice League is an engaging film with high quality graphics and effects. The film follows a group of superhero’s who join forces to destroy Steppenwolf who seeks to destroy earth with the Mother Boxes. The film is full of action but lacks witty comedy for it to be level with The Avengers.

Would You Recommend: Worth a watch but don’t get too excited.

Reminder: Film Club is on every Monday from 3:00pm in 1E13, next week we take a vote on the next film that we will be watching.

STEM Day – Small Piece Trust

On Monday 11 June 2018 sixty engineers of the future were invited to participate in a STEM Day run by Small Piece Trust and funded by National Grid. Students were set the challenge of developing a water collection system that would filter and pump water effectively. Teamwork and problem solving skills were in use for the whole of the day and I am delighted to say that all students involved managed to design, create and present a fully functioning water filtration system. As a College we are proud of the on-going affiliation we have with National Grid and we would like to thank them publicly for the endless amount of opportunities that they have presented to all of the students at John Henry Newman Catholic College. On Monday 2 July, two of our Year 10 students are travelling to the National Grid Training Centre in Newark where they will complete a week long residential work experience gaining skills in a variety of engineering careers.

University of Birmingham – Biomedical Sciences Taster day

This month the year 12 chemistry class took a trip to the University of Birmingham for a biomedical science taster day. Before the trip my class mates told me what they wanted to get out of the day , for example one student told me that they wanted to see what studying this course would be like and if the university suited them. Well throughout the day their questions where answered. From exciting lab work to a gripping lecture we explored the different aspects of the university course and helped many students on the trip to make up their mind on if they would like to study that course after their A levels.

During our time in the lab we extracted strawberry DNA and used electricity to shock our very own teacher Mr Harvey to find out that he is in fact a robot as his hand didn’t clench from the shock while the rest of our hands did. During the lecture we earnt about how signals are sent between neurons and other cells which helped us understand the electric shock experiment.

Over all the day was an exciting opportunity to have a glimpse of lab work in a university environment, even though the experiments we did were more for the entertainment factor. However it nonetheless helped us discover what university would be like, and the food was nice.

Release of Examination Results – Summer 2018

AS/A Level results will be available for collection by students on Thursday 16th August.

Year 13 students can collect their results from 9.00 am

Year 12 students can collect their results from 10.00 am

GCSE results will be available for collection by students on Thursday 23rd August from between 10.00 am and 12.30 pm.

If you are unable to collect you results you can leave a stamped addressed envelope at reception so that they can be posted to you.

If someone is collecting results for a student they must have the written permission of the student and have proof of I.D.