27th March- 18th May – Easter & Pentecost Liturgies Year 7-13

We celebrate the Coming of the Holy Spirit:

Our Dance team choreographed a dance piece based on the Gospel. Students analysed the scripture and brought the words to life through dance.


“Renew Your wonders in this our day, as by a new Pentecost. Grant to Your Church that, being of one mind and steadfast in prayer with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and following the lead of blessed Peter, it may advance the reign of our Divine Saviour, the reign of truth and justice, the reign of love and peace. Amen.”

5th March – Year 8 Class Mass

Each week a class in KS3 celebrate Mass with Fr. Kevin and Br. Andrew, each mass is topical relating to the liturgical Catholic Calendar.


Each Mass is prepped in their previous R.E lesson, this allows students to be fully prepared for Mass, create prayers of intersession and practice to ensure Mass runs smoothly.


Each class Mass has been a huge success across the year and students are enjoying leading and fully participating in Mass.

24/ 25th January – Riverside Day JHNCC Community outreach– The good Samaritan

One of the big ‘hot topics’ this year is addressing British Values and Catholic Virtues.  5 of our local primary schools have already signed up to an arts project, looking at those very same topics, however we  wanted to give all schools the opportunity to have a day of performance and workshops away from the Living Arts Network.


Workshops and performance will be free of charge to all schools working towards a common concern that has been raised in relation to supporting children in their understanding of ‘tolerance and respect/dignity.


With this in mind we commissioned Riverside Performing Arts Drama Company to produce a performance which highlighted the issues involved from both a British Values and Catholic Life perspective.


The performance was largely based around a modern retelling of the story of the ‘Good Samaritan’ which of course holds many of the issues relevant to today’s modern world.


The performance was also followed by workshops throughout the day and finished with the children presenting their own piece about how they should treat people they might not relate to/from a different culture, in their own communities.


The day was a huge success for all involved.

November/ December 2017 – Shoebox appeal

‘Thank you so much for your wonderful support with the appeal this year. All of the 85 boxes that we managed to build are now on their way to make someone’s Christmas a magical one filled with hope and the love of our school community.’


Mrs Parsons

Head of RE

16th October – Trip of Vocation to the Arts council

Letter from Pepita Hanna:


Your students were a pleasure to work with; they volunteered to join in with the primary Children’s’ performance which they performed excellently. They were also incredibly articulate about their involvement in the Living Arts Network as Arts Ambassadors and explained what impact this experience had had on them personally and academically. They were really confident in speaking to all the twenty-five Arts Council national Directors and answered their challenging questions about the importance of arts and culture for children and young people.


All of the Directors spoke to me at the end about how meeting the other young people, had really helped them to think about how to engage more young people in their strategic conversations, as well as what were the key issues to consider in developing the Arts Council’s next 10 Year Strategy. They really valued the opportunity to see children and young people performing and talking to them about their arts experiences and why the arts are important to their lives. All the Directors were, as were we all, so impressed with the young people’s confidence and ability to talk to a group of adults about their ideas and views.


I particularly would also like to take this opportunity to thank Claire for her brilliant organisation skills, particularly at short notice. She not only organised your students but also liaised with the primary school and with me to accommodate the needs of the Arts Council Directors. This opportunity would not have happened without Claire’s support and I really appreciated all that she did.


Once again thank you so much and it is a pleasure working with your students and staff on the Partnership Investment as well as this recent experience.



Pepita Hanna

Associate Director, Partnerships and Investment

9th October – John Henry Newman Feast Day

To celebrate the Feast Day of John Henry Newman, our college created prayers to celebrate the day. All prayers were displayed in our main foyer where we continued the celebration with song and Dance.


‘ I wish we could have this every Friday’  (Year 7)