Catholic life

On Monday 12th March our Chaplaincy Team participated in a training day led by Sister Judith on how they can improve Catholic life in the community and how they can be good revolutionaries in today’s society. The team discussed and reviewed how they can make an impact on Catholic life not only in the school but in the whole community. Many other schools participated in this event and also shared lots of excellent ideas that our team were very impressed with. Two students, Chrissy M and Liam D had already attended a training day at Don Bosco House, Coleshill just before Christmas. Both students helped other members of the team as they took part in their first team event today. The whole team worked excellently today and they hope to introduce lots of new ideas soon.

Well done to the team: Liam D, Samuel S, Tamia M, Bill A, Kennita M, Opey S, Jaden K and Chrissy M. A big thank you to Mrs Clayton who helped organise the team and the event and thank you to everybody involved who helped make sure that today was very successful.