ScienceWelcome to Science

The science department has 7 labs and 2 prep rooms. One of the labs has been designed to enable teaching of larger groups with enhanced AV capability. One of the prep rooms is used to house the animals the department uses in the curriculum.

Key Stage 3

This is a 3 year course broken down into topics covering biological, chemical and physical aspects of the National curriculum. Our bespoke year nine course has been designed to prepare and support pupils for GCSE with some topics overlapping KS4 concepts. The topics are as follows:

Year 7

  • Cells and tissues
  • Ecology
  • Variation, classification and reproduction
  • Particles
  • Bubbles, bangs and burning
  • Acids and alkalis
  • Weathering
  • Forces
  • Electrical circuits
  • The solar system and space
  • Energy resources

Year 8

  • Healthy diet
  • Energy and respiration
  • Microbes and disease
  • Solutions
  • Atoms, elements and compounds
  • Rock Cycle
  • Further forces
  • Light
  • Sound

Year 9

  • Inheritance
  • Fit and healthy
  • Plants and photosynthesis
  • Forensic science
  • Metals and reactivity
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Rates of reaction
  • Generating Electricity
  • Pressure
  • Waves

Key Stage 4

The top group of scientists follow AQA triple science over 2 years. Pupils sit written papers based on the separate disciplines and will receive a separate qualification for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Pupils also complete a piece of coursework for each contributing 25% of each qualification. Middle band learners follow AQA Core Science in year 10 and Additional Science in year 11. The course involves written papers being sat in the summer term and 25% of the course being assessed internally via controlled assessments.

Other students follow an EDEXCEL vocational science course over the two years. Completion of this course leads to the award of a qualification that is equivalent to two GCSE grade Cs or above.

Key Stage 5

We currently offer full A level courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.