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John Henry Newman Catholic College wants every student to learn the necessary essential knowledge so that they can excel in school. Each subject  produces knowledge organisers which you can see below. Knowledge organisers contain the essential minimum knowledge every student must learn in each subject. Some subjects have also produced flash cards of essential questions and answers. Students need to use effective strategies to learn this knowledge. Deep learning of this work will enable the students to invest more thinking on the harder problems being posed by teachers. To find out how students can learn this work in an effective and efficient way with you, there are some helpful guides on this page to 4 effective strategies - the Lietner system for using flashcards properly, how to use the self quizzing approach to learn the information from knowledge organisers, how to use elaboration to make critical links between ideas and knowledge and an explanation for how knowledge organisers can be used well. The best students know that retrieval practice is effective so they use self-quizzing to learn essential information. They know that elaborative interrogation is important so that they learn why things are important in comparison to each other and how an idea contributed to ultimate outcomes. They monitor which knowledge is learnt  and what isn't yet learnt, then retest knowledge not yet learnt. They reflect, following this, on what has to be done to ensure learning and retention can be improved. 

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