Welcome to Design and Technology

The Design and Technology Department has four specialist rooms where pupils are taught the different subject areas of Design and Technology. This includes Textiles, Product Design and Hospitality and Catering. The department has an open access to ICT, which enables pupils to develop their ICT skills in the context of Design and Technology through contextual research and CAD.

Design and Technology at the College is delivered at KS3 on a carousel approach, which enables pupils of all abilities to be innovative, make creative decisions and generate solutions irrespective of the specialism they are working with. Consequently, pupils are not only fulfilling National Curriculum criteria but through careful planning by staff are given the opportunity to transfer skills across subject areas, and establish the area they have the most engagement with before their option choices at KS4.

The department has demonstrated excellent exam results with pupils achieving excellent results this year, 83% of pupils entered for GCSE Design and Technology achieved a Grade 4 -9 and 80% of pupils in Level 1 and 2 Hospitality and Catering achieved Level 2 Pass - Level 2 Distinction. The majority of pupils either met or exceeded their expected level of progress.