This year John Henry Newman Catholic College has started a brand new award scheme to encourage students in their personal development. The Award scheme is called the Journey of Life Award, or ‘JOLA’. 

In order to gain the award students need to do the following


  1. Carry out a number of ‘challenges’ which help their personal development. 
  2. Complete a JOLA Challenge Submission Form
  1. Within this form the students will find 5 elements that need completing. They are:

    1. Planning the challenge –They need to state what the challenge will be and how it will improve their personal development. They also need to say who will provide evidence that they have completed it.
    2. Learning from others –They need to work with their parents/carers and ask them to give them some advice on how to complete the challenge and grow in  their personal development
    3. Doing the challenge –They need to complete the challenge and make sure it is done in a way that will help their personal development They also need to submit evidence to show it has been completed.
    4. Sharing their experience with others –They need to present what they have done in a way which will help someone else in their personal development.
    5. Reflection –They need to say how they think the challenge has improved their personal development and highlight which of the fruits of the spirit they have used.

Each submission will be accessed by the award panel and be granted up to 20 credits each. At the end of the year we will total up the number of credits each child has received and they will receive a JOLA Award for that year. 

In each year they will receive a bronze, silver, gold or platinum award depending on the number of credits they have gained

There will also be special awards with prizes for individuals who have carried individual challenges which have particularly impressed us.

For further information please contact your child Personal Development Teacher.