We are proud to launch our Virtual GCSE Success Fair. Our aim is for every student to gain qualifications, skills and attributes to enable them to fulfill their true God given vocation.

We invite you to watch our welcome videos for year 10 or 11 and then to click on the links below to see what our ‘virtual stalls’ have to offer. 

This is an exciting opportunity to watch these videos created by our in house professionals. They all provide useful wellbeing advice and study tips on how to support your child at home and enable them to achieve their potential.

A free JHNCC pencil case has also been given to your child as part of the event. 

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us; 

Mr E Little - Raising Standards Leader for year 10  

Mrs S Wilkins - Raising Standards Leader for year 11



Yr 10 Welcome

Yr 11 Welcome

How to use PLCs effectively

How to create & use flashcards effectively

How to use Knowledge organisers effectively

Wellbeing & resilience

Science & Seneca learning

Maths & Mathswatch


English & GCSE POD

How to use past exam questions

Physical Activity is Miracle Grow for Your Brain

Parent ClassCharts How To