The John Henry Newman Impact day programme this year has had a significant focus on enabling our students to investigate the ways in which our faith in Christ impacts on the relationships we aim to grow with each other, including our vocation to married life. Our school mission statement is the foundation of all we do at John Henry Newman but has a particular significance within the most important relationships we hold in our hearts

For every child to know they are loved and to develop a relationship with Jesus through ‘Heart speaks to Heart’.

The relationships we treasure most of all are with those people who, in love, give to us the dignity we deserve and don’t treat us as mere objects for meeting selfish needs.

Our Impact Days have enabled our students to once again see the importance of treating our bodies with respect and to seek out relationships based on trust. Theatrical productions, presentations from visiting speakers and Interactive workshops have helped our students to develop the confidence to ask questions regarding issues that concern them and to know how to find help.

Current issues such a sexting, the impact of the media on body image and staying safe online have been investigated in order to enable our students to make informed decisions regarding how to respond in testing situations. Another seminar showed how our perceptions of what is perceived as normal teenage activity is much removed from reality. This knowledge gives young people the confidence to resist peer pressured which might mean they commit to behaviours they would end up regretting.

We are proud of the mature way our students have responded to the support they have been given and are confident that such intervention has been effective and supportive.