Dear Parents and Guardians

Work experience starts on Monday the 1st of July until Friday the 5th of July. Work experience is an opportunity for students to gain a greater understanding of the workplace and hopefully it will help them to build their future careers. If your son/daughters work experience has been verified by the school you will be sent a text to confirm their placement. Whilst on work experience students should fill out the work experience booklet and the daily diary which they give back to form tutors the week after the work placement.

Furthermore, because students are in the workplace they must consider their behaviour carefully and they should behave well in the work environment. The students should be on time to the placement and they should be dressed appropriately for the job. If students are unwell for any reason and unable to attend the work experience they should contact the employer and then Miss Stewart at school. I would appreciate it if each student phoned their employers this week to confirm any special arrangements. The student will need to arrange lunch when at work experience.

If students have not been selected for work experience they will be in school following their normal timetable.

I would like to wish the students good luck in the placement week. This experience will help them to develop their careers and build there CV’s for the future.


Yours sincerely J Short

Head of Year