This is a breakdown of all of the content that will be on your AP2 exam paper 3 (Biology) and covers all of the topics in the biology unit. Use this, your books, the flash cards and all of the resources on google classroom to identify your strengths and areas that you need to work on in preparation for your exam.

Question content

Name the different structures in the respiratory system.






State the function of these different structures.




State the adaptations of the lungs for rapid absorption of oxygen into the blood.




State what changes occur to the respiratory system when breathing in.




Compare healthy and damaged lungs from diagrams.




Complete the word equation for aerobic respiration.






State when in the cell aerobic respiration takes place.




Interpret data from a set of results.






State which substances are needed in larger amounts by muscles during vigorous exercise.




State the word equation for anaerobic respiration.






Explain why there is more lactic acid in muscles after doing vigorous exercise.




Write the word equation for photosynthesis.





State the energy needed for photosynthesis to take place.




State which part of the cell absorbs this energy for photosynthesis.




Identify the independent variable in an investigation.





Suggest a control variable for an investigation.





Calculate a mean for a set of results.





Accurately plot a mean on a bar chart.






Interpret results to suggest which method is the best.






Describe results on a limiting factor graph.





Identify the limiting factor on a limiting factor graph and explain why.




Suggest other factors that could limit the rate of photosynthesis.




Identify the positive result when testing a variegated leaf for starch.




Suggest why variegated leaves grow slower than other leaves.




Construct a pyramid of biomass for a food chain.




Give 2 reasons why the biomass in each organism is less than in the original organism.




Interpret data to identify plants than grow in different conditions/locations.




Explain how to use a transect and how you would collect data from this.